The object of the game of blackjack is to build a hand whose value does not exceed twenty-one. Additionally, this hand must be greater (without exceeding twenty one) than that of the dealer’s hand in order for you to win. It doesn’t really matter what your other opponents’ hands are. After all, in blackjack you are simply playing the dealer.

The strategy in the game of blackjack comes into play when making the decision whether to add for another card, which would be called a hit. On the other hand, you must decide if you should stop receiving cards which is called a stand. When making a determination of what move to make in blackjack, a hand can be categorized as soft or hard. This occurs when one of the cards you have is an ace. Aces are special cards in blackjack because they can either have a value of one or eleven. When you use the ace as an eleven, you would call your hand soft. For example, say you have an ace and a six; you would have a hand totaling 17. Six from the six card and eleven coming from the ace. It would be called soft because if you get another card dealt to you, you can change the value of the ace and moved it back to one if it is advantageous for you to do so. A hard total occurs when you have no ace in your hand. When this happens, there is essentially no wiggle room for players to opt for a different hand value since they do not have an ace. Another hard total can occur when you are forced to use the ace as a one in order to prevent your hand from busting or exceeding the value of twenty one.

Typically, when a player has a hard total they are assured they will not bust if their hand totals eleven or less. In this situation, it would be safe to receive an additional card. They should always hit. On the other hand, if you hard total is in a range of seventeen to twenty, you would have to select a very small card. In this situations, receiving another card would not be wise.

By Hollie Wilcox
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