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The word “casino” originally meant “a public hall for music and dancing”. By the second half of the 19th century, the term essentially meant a collection of gaming or gambling rooms. The classic example of a casino, and one of the world’s best known, is “The Casino” at Monte Carlo, which opened in 1861.

In Las Vegas The Arizona Club was the first resort to open in Vegas March 31, 1906.

Las Vegas was incorporated into a city in June, 1911.

The first flight into Las Vegas was by two Blythe, California newspaper men on May 10, 1920.

Gambling Sandwich? Who invented what we refer to as a “sandwich”? So common we don’t ever think that an English gambler, “The Earl of Sandwich” asked for meat between his bread so he wouldn’t have to stop gambling merely to eat his lunch!…True!

Gambling: What a phenomenon! Ever wonder where all this gambling stuff got started?

The first accounts of gambling were in 2300 B.C. in China

Gambling was very popular in ancient Greece, even though it was “illegal”.

Who were the first real “Tough Guys” to bet on? (Clue; Rome) Yep, Gladiators.

Dice: Who used dice first? Craps? Who thought that one up? The Egyptians. They carved dice from the anklebones of antelope to roll. Hence, “Roll them Bones”! The Egyptians wagered on a game originally called “atep” a game of guessing the number of upheld fingers.
( I wonder if this is also the origin of the now so common middle finger salute? Ed.)

Playing Cards are believed to have been invented in China and/or India sometime around 900 A.D. The Chinese are thought to have originated card games when they began shuffling paper money (another Chinese invention) into various denominations and combinations.

Baccarat is the principal of card games in the United Kingdom and most of Europe.

Blackjack is a fixture in all American Casinos.

Golf is believed to have started in Scotland (records show 1400 A.D.) but a stained glass window from 1340 A.D. shows a duffer throwing his club in the Loch! I guess the first golfer/gambler was a sore loser then, like today! {Ed.}

Ever wonder who the heck those “Kings” are on your deck of cards?

King of Spades – King David
King of Hearts – Charlemagne
King of Clubs – Alexander the Great
King of Diamonds – Julius Caesar

In doing my research to satisfy my curiosity I thought there might be others wondering about some of these hard to find answers. And at the same time enjoy a chuckle at this form of Las Vegas Entertainment.

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