Slot machines are one of the
most popular and easily found gambling machines in any casino. They
are called by different names around the world, the Slot Machine in
America, the Fruit Machine in England, and the Poker Machine in Australia.
They are one of the few forms of gambling where one does not need any
form of experience, and anyone, whether a newbie or an old time user
could strike. Since slot machines are so easy to use, are not strategy
based, and do not require much thinking, they are favorites amongst
people who just want to have some fun, and try their luck. It is believed
that the slot machine alone makes up for about 70% of a casino’s revenue.
That just goes to show how popular, and widely used the slot machine
is today.</font> 

<font size=”3″ face=”Times New Roman”>The slot machine usually has
three or more reels which spin when the button is pushed, and depending
on the pictures that come up, the fate of the player is decided. In
earlier times, slot machines had levers on their side, which were used
instead of the buttons that are found on the newer machines.</font> 

<font size=”3″ face=”Times New Roman”>The working of the slot machine
is very basic and simple to understand. Even though it is just a basic
concept, the slot machine has come a long way since it first being introduced
in casinos. Earlier, to activate the machine a token coin or money was
used, but now, everything from cash to bar-coded paper tickets are used.
From the olden day lever, we moved onto a push button, and now, some
modern machines also have touch screens to activate the game. </font> 

<font size=”3″ face=”Times New Roman”>The basic objective of the
game is to get the winning combination of symbols on the reel. The symbols
could be a variety of different things, but are usually brightly colored,
day to day objects like fruits, alphabets, shapes like bells, hearts,
diamonds etc. The more advanced machines also have cartoon characters,
or images of popular rock stars. </font> 

<font size=”3″ face=”Times New Roman”>Slot machines are the perfect
form of gambling for those who want to experience the excitement of
gambling, but at the same time do not want to get heavily drawn into
it, or who do not have much knowledge, since most other forms require
a fair bit of strategy and experience. Slot machines are also found
in Kid Casinos, since it is not considered as much of gambling as a

<font size=”3″ face=”Times New Roman”>With most forms of casino games
now available on the internet, most people would have thought the slot
machine would be one thing that would stay old school, and be something
one enjoyed in person. But this is not the case. There are various sites
on the internet now, which have online slot machines. There are reels
on your screen, and with a click of your mouse, the game is activated.</font> 

<font size=”3″ face=”Times New Roman”>In whatever form one plays
on the slot machine, we have to accept, that without it, our casino
or gambling experience would be incomplete.

By srinivaasswathi
I am a writer with a lot of interests, I write about all topics, sometimes about my
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