Online games has never been the same with the advent of flash games and if you are one of those who are into craps game but are tired of going to the casinos and would rather play it online but don’t like downloading? Then worry no more because you now have a choice. Gone are those days wherein you have to wait for downloading online craps because now you can play it download free.

Imagine yourself after having a long day from work and you wanted to play flash craps then all you have to do is jump right into the game. Sounds impossible? Not anymore in this computer age there are actually online casino websites where you can go and play flash craps that are download free and to top it all it is available to be played for free; and this is especially great for beginners to practice and honed their internet gaming skills. Beginners can actually get accustomed to the craps game and how they are played online and familiarized themselves with the rules of the game before them actually placing bets online and minimize wasting their money before they start wagering real money.

In the olden days there are two ways where you can play craps and that is the street craps and the bank craps where players wager their money on the outcome of one or a series of rolls of two dice. With the online flash craps there are two ways too and that is the no line bet and the line bet.

If you are one of those who are wanting to try online flash craps but is not a computer savvy or has just started playing internet gaming, you don’t have to worry about it because there are websites that gives you in-depth guides to rules about online craps that will help you get yourself familiarized on how to play and the rules that governs each games before you get started. They may seem intimidating at first but once you get used to this kind of online craps games you’ll be a natural to it.

Craps is a high speed game and there are many advantages to playing craps games online. If you go to casinos the first thing you will notice is that there are a lot of people who are gathered around casino craps table and usually players make their bets using chips and the game is run by four casino employees, boxman, two base dealers, and a stickman and not to mention the crowds hollering but if you play online flash craps then you’ll have privacy making you feel more in control and most of all its instant and there’s sites online where they offer free no download craps both for the seasoned and beginners or for the curious ones.

So what are you waiting for go ahead and check out our No download flash craps and show to the world just how great a craps player you are right from the comfort of your own living room.

By Hermann Strob
Hermann Strobl is author of this article on No Download Craps.
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