Slot machines are used for gambling by 75 – 80% gamblers at casinos. Slot machines always have more odds of winning for the casinos. Different types of are used at casinos. Deciding Slot machine type is a major factor to get maximum payouts from the gambling. The most common slot machine types are discussed below.

1.Progressive slots are the most common modern type of. They are unique from all because they give increasing payouts with the passage of time. This progressive increase is based on the bets being played on the individual machine or it may be the sum off all the bets in the entire casino. The jackpot will be larger in the later. After reaching a maximum limit, the amount is reset on the machine and starts building again.

2.A very commonly used type is straight e. It is very easy to understand and play. All other types come under the major head of straight slots. The straight slots contain a large number of columns with different symbols on each of the column. These columns spin and set on a particular combination of symbols. On the screen a payout chart appears indicating the winning combination and amount won. You can bet from 0.25 to 1$ on the straight slots.

3.Some straight slots come with a wild card and are called wild card slots. The wild card symbol can take any place on the table and player has to complete a matching line. The players have more odds of winning but these slots give very low payouts.

4.Some straight slots give payouts by multiplying the number of coins and the credits a player uses to play at the machine. For example if you will receive 10$ for a 10$ win with single circuit and by increasing the credits to two and three, your payout will increase to 20 and 30$ respectively. Odds of winning remain the same no matter how many credits you use.

5.Some multipliers give some bonus along with the payout to the player on winning the most credits. The amount of bonus appears on the screen with the payout table.

6.The most complicated type of is ‘buy a payout’ slot machine. It consists of a complicated table which decides the wins on the basis of the number and amount of bets. It also allows additional bets to a player.

By Pankaj Gupta
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