Online Poker, Online Poker Rooms and the Growth of Poker.

The 19th century, the game of poker was first played in the United States. But, Asia is the location where the game poker originated.
Mississippi Steamers or floating saloons is where gambling and poker really started and prospered in the United States.

Many poker innovations and various changes were the order of the day in the 19th century where poker experienced growth. It became more
apparent through the turbulence of the Civil War. In 1970’s with the World Series of Poker being established and the popularity of this
event, poker had become more widespread in the gambling community and started a strong poker movement that has not stopped and is even
stronger and more popular now, worldwide.

The thrills of poker today can be experienced at land based casinos and now online poker rooms are becoming the first choice of many poker players to enjoy, profit and have a great time. There are many different poker rooms online to choose from that host these poker games.

These online poker rooms are located all over the world and playing online poker at these casinos allow players to learn quickly, play and bet in real time. Almost all of these online poker rooms have casinos games for the newbie poker player, and the seasoned poker player. They have options where you can choose to play poker for free or play for real money.

Online poker rooms have become so popular and convenient that even poker players who live in Las Vegas will play poker online, rather then drive two minutes to their local casino to play poker at the land based casino. Online poker is the future of game and has revolutionized poker and brought it to the masses on the World Wide Web!

By James Murray
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