While many gamers are probably very addicted to slot machines, it may still seem rather odd that a tournament can be organized for the game. Indeed, with the game focusing more on chance rather skill, a tournament is highly unthinkable to many people.
But as it turns out, casinos have actually begun organizing tournaments for slot machine play in the past few years. Contrary to what most people would think, a player doesn’t need to hit the jackpot to get the gold medal.

Slots tournament play is very simple. At the start of each round, the players are given a set amount of credits to be used, commonly 1,000 credits, and are assigned specific numbered slot machines. The players are then given a time limit, usually around 20 minutes, to find their respective machines and play.

When the players find their assigned casinos, they play out all their credits. Any bet a player makes is then deducted from the credits. Wins are then shown in a screen to indicate your win meter. These can not be used in the bets. At the end of your time, the machine will stop and any credits that you haven’t played yet are then nullified. Your score (the amount you won) are then recorded. In every round, players are given a new set of credits and play resumes. The player with the highest point wins the tournament.

The game is very physical in that it requires you to continuously push the spin button. The gameplay is also highly engaging and will definitely appeal to the casino player. However, a question is still left to be answered: are there strategies for this kind of tournament?

Fortunately, there are still strategies that one can use in these games. One thing that can be taken into consideration is the fact that, in tournament play, participants are playing for points and not money. This said, gambling and casino operators set up the machines such that these allows players to get the jackpot much more frequently than in regular machines. This is to allow players to get more points than those in the ordinary devices.

The key then is to get as many points as possible. Speed therefore is very essential to your game play. Since most machines are now digitally controlled, reel spin time is pretty much a no issue in the game, as the combinations are generated in only a split second. Your speed then will matter on your reaction time. Thus you actually must have a good hand eye coordination to closely monitor the videos screen while continuously pressing the button.

One thing that you can do to speed up the spin is to rest your hand on the button. Many people make the mistake of pounding the spin button in a frenzy to get faster spins. This action actually produces the opposite effect of fewer spins, as there is lag time whenever the hand leaves the button. By placing your hand on the button and staying in that position all throughout, you minimize log time. Also press the button with a light tap rather than hitting it to prevent your hand from tiring out easily.

Concentration is also foremost needed in the game. You must continuously observe the screen as the spin stops so that you can immediately start a new spin once the screen refreshes.

By Elicec Kurt
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