80 ball bingo is the newest arrival on the world of online bingo and is meant to offer a compromise for players who consider 90 balls too many or 75 balls too few. With 80 ball bingo, a player who is already experienced playing either 75 ball or 90 ball bingo will find it very easy to learn as there are only a few minor variations.

One variation with 80 ball bingo is the terminology. The bingo cards used in 80 ball bingo are called shutter boards. 80 bingo tickets are arranged in four rows and four columns. The columns have differentiating colors – red, yellow, blue and silver. The 80 ball bingo board consists of 5 rows and 16 columns therefore giving a total of 80 possible numbers. The 80 numbers are then split into 4 separate groups of 20 numbers each and each group is marked by a different color. Numbers 1 to 20 are marked red, numbers 21 to 40 yellow, numbers 41 to 60 blue and numbers 61 to 80 silver. Whenever a number is called, it is shaded on bingo tickets.

How to play 80 ball bingo

The first step in playing 80 ball bingo is to purchase cards. Buying cards is easy – you simply click on the cards you wish to buy. Once you click on selected cards, the cards light up and the words “ticket selected” appear. Selected cards must be purchased and a player buys them by simply clicking on “buy tickets”. On clicking the “buy tickets” button, selected cards change color and the words “ticket bought” appear. Armed with cards, you are ready to play 80 ball bingo.

80 ball bingo can be played in a variety of patterns such as the vertical bingo, the diagonal bingo and the horizontal bingo among others. Where the stipulation is that you need a diagonal bingo to win, you should form a diagonal line across your bingo card – this line could go from the top left hand corner to the bottom right hand corner and vice versa, and includes the middle square. When a vertical bingo is needed to win, the player will be required to have five numbers aligned vertically – that is from top to bottom – on the bingo card. Getting a vertical bingo is easy as a player only needs to get four numbers down the middle and then use the free bingo space for the fifth number. The other playing patterns in 80 ball bingo follow this same pattern with only a variation in the alignment of the numbers.

As an online game, 80 ball bingo can be played at any time, 24/7. The game is extremely easy to learn and has all the excitement and adrenalin rush that bingo naturally brings. In playing 80 ball bingo, you get a chance to play with players from all over the world and also stand a great chance of making some money. Instructions on 80 ball bingo are available online should anything remain unclear to the interested player.

By Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith