Whether you’re a casual slot machine player or a frequent one at your local casino, there are a number of different etiquette rules that people should abide by an order to make sure that your own and your fellow players’ time is the most enjoyable possible. Here are a few simple guidelines you should follow when at a casino to make sure that both you and your fellow players respect each other properly:

Mind Reserved Seats

It is common for many players to leave a coin cup, purse or some other personal object in their seat if they should ever need to leave temporarily to go to the bathroom, get additional money or take care of some other personal business. If you see one of these personal objects sitting in the seat of a slot machine, please be respectful of this and leave it there for the person who properly owns it, as they are most likely simply taking a short break and will be back in a few minutes. At the same time, if you are the person who is the owner of the object, make sure that your personal break is as quick as possible so that you are not interfering with the play of any other patron at the casino. If a casino has a slot machine attendant nearby, you might also ask one of them to help you with watching your personal items while reserving the seat for you. If you decide to do this, is also customary for you to tip them for their services.

Be Mindful of Playing Multiple Machines

Many players often enjoy playing multiple machines at once, as they feel this will give them a better chance at winning big and help maximize the time they spend at a casino. If you are one of the players who likes to do this it may be fine during off hours when relatively few people may be in the casino, but during peak times, when it is particularly busy, you should avoid playing multiple machines to allow fair and equal participation by all patrons around you. Many times people become very involved in playing multiple slots and are unaware of other people in the area that may also wish to play one of them. For this reason, limiting yourself to only one machine during busy times will help ensure everyone equal opportunity. In many cases, casinos actually make this a policy in order to help ensure that all patrons can receive equal treatment while on the floor.

Be Mindful of Player Cards

It is unfortunately also a common thing for many people to forget their casino cards at a particular game where they were just sitting. If you sit down and happen to find one of these cards in a machine’s slot, simply remove it and place it on the top of the machine or in some nearby area so that the original owner can find it easily and quickly should they remember where they left it and come looking. This can help save the original owner valuable time they may otherwise spend waiting in line to get a new card, and it is a great courtesy to others.

By Sydney Jones
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