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Lottery tickets have been around for a long time. Some of the first lottery tickets known were keno slips from the ancient Han Dynasty in China. The first publicly issued lottery tickets date from the 14th century from the Dutch town of Sluis. Lotteries spread across Europe and eventually to the New World. Lotteries were popular in post revolutionary America but fell out of favor in the late 19th and early 20th century. In the mid 1960’s New Hampshire reintroduced lotteries and the idea was adopted by most states as a way to fund education and various government services. In the late 1910’s mega jackpot lotteries kike Powerball and mega Millions were introduced and since then millions buy lottery tickets on a regular basis.

Until recently those who wanted to buy lottery tickets had to make a trip to a lottery retailer and stand in annoying lines. Thanks to the internet and computer technology players can now buy lottery tickets online. Players are no longer limited to state lotteries and can buy lottery tickets for almost any lottery worldwide. Imaging being able to buy lottery tickets for EuroMillions, Italy’s SuperEna Lotto, Spain’s El Gordo lottery and other international lotteries! There are many websites offering tickets for several offshore lotteries. Most European lotteries have adopted online ticket sales with great success. In New Zealand players can have winnings deposited directly into personal checking and savings accounts. Most lotteries reported an immediate increase in lottery ticket sales with the implementation of online sales.

Players can buy lottery tickets online using credit and debit cards or can use one of the many ewallet services such as EwalletXpress. Players considering online ticket purchases should check the reputation of the website they are using to buy lottery tickets. There have been several scams associated with online lottery ticket sales but there are plenty of reliable online sources to check site reputations. Online forums are another great source of information for would be online lottery players. Players who buy lottery tickets online should also check the terms and conditions of the site offering online lottery services. Are transactions private and what kind of security software do they use to make sure transactions are safe and secure?

It has never been easier to buy lottery tickets. Most people live within a couple of miles from a lottery retailer and for those in rural areas the ability to buy lottery tickets online is a real convenience saving both time and money.

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