Sandals Bahamas review is a tough one since the resort itself is so large that there are several points to cover. A luxurious resort which picks up its guests in a fancy Rolls Royce, Sandals Royal Bahamian had once been the hideout place for the former King of England. The resort is elegant and sophisticated in all its splendor. The Georgian façade of the resort is noteworthy and the location itself is quite breathtaking since it is surrounded by white beaches and offers an exotic hideaway for those who don’t mind splurging.


Just choosing a room at the Sandals resort can be a confusing task since there are so many different categories and beautiful suites to choose from. There is a royal village, intimate villas, one bedroom suites and basic category suites to choose from. The higher category villas and suites have the luxury of their own private butler who will cater to all their needs, though these are also quite expensive. The rooms are all beautifully decorated, even the basic category rooms. The amenities include satellite TV, mini refrigerator, internet connectivity, large spacious bathrooms, bath amenities and several other facilities. The décor of the rooms is Caribbean flavor with elegant furnishings.

Dining out

There are plenty of different options to choose from when it comes to dining in the Sandals resort. There are a total of 9 restaurants, bars and cafes in the resort all catering different types of cuisines. The Baccarat restaurant in the resort is headed by an award winning chef and provides intimate setting for candlelit dinners. Ristorante Casanova serves typical Italian food while the other restaurants serve a variety of other cuisines like Japanese, international, Caribbean and Mediterranean food. There are a few good bars and pubs in the resort which serve a good wine list along with a variety of cocktails. The cafes serve light lunch dishes and appetizers.


One of the best things about the Sandals resort is that it provides plenty of good facilities and amenities to the guests. Apart from the beautiful rooms and the number of dining options the resort has an excellent spa which provides plenty of good massages. There are 6 whirlpools and 7 swimming pools in the resort along with misty waterfalls throughout the resort. Nightly entertainment activities like live bands, performances, talent shows etc are organized all through the tourist season. The resort also has a casino and a fitness center. Guests can also choose from plenty of water sport activities that are provided by the resort along with various other sports like tennis, board games, volleyball, billiards and Bocce ball.

The Sandals Bahamas review covered the main facilities and the amenities provided by the resort, although there are still many other amenities that are provided by Sandals. The resort is definitely pricey but for the amount of facilities that it provides, it is definitely worth it.

By Ricardo Lumbardo
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