Mobile Bingo Popular With Pensioners

Since its beginnings in the 15th century bingo has evolved into the modern game and enjoys widespread popularity around the world. Bingo is a game of pure chance and no special skills are required to play this exciting game. The modern version of the game is a direct descendant of ‘beano’ which was first played at a carnival near Atlanta Georgia around 1929. The internet has had a dramatic effect on the game and now millions around the world play online. Traditionally bingo has been looked at as the domain of older women but thanks to the introduction of internet bingo the demographics have changed. In the UK where bingo is especially popular recent developments such as the governments double taxation of bingo and strict national smoking bans have caused the demise of many high street bingo clubs across the UK.

Internet bingo has attracted a younger tech savvy group of bingo players but many older bingo players without computer skills have found themselves shut out of the exciting world of internet bingo. The relatively recent introduction of mobile bingo has enabled many older people to participate in online bingo games. Cell phones are ubiquitous and most older people are comfortable with mobile technology. A majority of the population uses mobile technology on a daily basis and since no special skills are required to use mobile technology older bingo players are back in business!

Cell phones and most mobile devices are much less expensive than computers and are also much simpler to operate. Most telecommunications companies offer internet access at cheaper rates than land based internet access rates. Since many pensioners are living on fixed incomes mobile bingo eliminates affordability issues for most pensioners. Mobile players can log on to the internet, access an internet bingo website and play away. Mobile bingo players can also access the same bingo bonuses and player perks offered by most internet bingo websites. Players can deposit finds into their mobile bingo accounts safely and securely.

In the UK internet and mobile bingo providers have gone all out to attract players. Most mobile providers will offer players a substantial bingo deposit bonus in addition to a bingo sign up bonus and free play options. Jackpots for internet and mobile bingo are usually much larger than those at land based bingo clubs. Many pensioners have already discovered the exciting world of mobile bingo without having to invest hundreds of pounds for computer equipment.

By Anthony Wayne 2009 All rights Reserved.