Many popular games that people play for entertainment can experience changes over time as the game can adapt to several other variations. This keeps the game fresh and exciting for new and old players alike. Also it helps to attract others. This is true for many popular casino games played worldwide. The popular game of roulette is in keeping with this trend has there are several varieties played throughout the world. This vast array of roulette variations can also be found on the World Wide Web at various Internet gaming websites.

European roulette is hands down the most popular form of roulette played online. A European roulette wheel features only 37 numbers which is the smallest number offered at any type of roulette wheel. The numbers on the European roulette wheel are place randomly across the wheel. That’s one reason that the European roulette is a popular version of the game. After all the lower the numbers on the roulette wheel the better the odds for the player. In this version of roulette the house has an edge of 2.57% over players. This means that for every $100 a player bets on the game of roulette statistically they should have $97.43 of it returned over time. In granted this is just a statistic and actual events could go either way. A player could exceed this or come below it.

Another roulette variation is referred two is American roulette. The difference in this game from European roulette lies in the composition of the roulette wheel. The American roulette wheel includes an additional number that the European roulette will does not have. By increasing the numbers from 37 to 38, the odds are significantly increased in favor of the house. The extra number included on the American roulette wheel is a 00 which is not found on the European version. On An American roulette wheel the numbers are placed opposite one another in pairs. Statistically an American roulette the house has a 5.26 edge over its players. This would mean that if a player wages when $100 over time they can be expected to win only $94.74.

By Laura Brown
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