Are you searching for a free roulette tip? You have arrived at the correct location if you are. I will give you a tip to help you beat (or rather increase your chances of winning at) roulette. What is this tip you ask? Read on to find out.

It is called the Martingale system. This system is proven to earn income with roulette constantly, but only if you have infinite sums of money. Realistically, nobody has infinite dollars/pounds/euros etc. Additionally, this roulette tip will work solely if the outcomes are legitimate and not rigged in any way. A little bit of luck also helps. To comprehend this, you must know how the Martingale roulette system works.

This is how it goes. Imagine that you possess $200 and the lowest bet at the roulette table that you can make is $2. In order to do the Martingale you bet the minimum (this is optional but provides the least risk) on either black or red, lets say red. What you would follow up with is constant betting on red until you win, while doubling your bet each time. For example, you lose your initial bet on red; you would double your bet to $2 and bet on red again. If you win then you have gained $1 and you start to bet on black. If you lose, double your bet again, to $4, and bet on red again. Do this repeatedly until you win and then change colours and do it again.

Why does this tip succeed? It is pretty easy to comprehend. If you bet $1 and lose you’re now in the hole $1. Easy correct? So you double your previous bet and go again. You then proceed to lose again and you are now in the hole $3 (because you bet $2 the second time). So you have to double your previous bet and go again. This time you win and because you bet $4 (you doubled the previous bet) you have now gained $1 since you started (if you undertand better numerically: -3 + 4 = 1). Understand now?

To reiterate, the tip works in this manner: You bet the lowest bet at the table on 1 of the colours and continually bet on that colour (whilst doubling your bet each consecutive bet) until you win. After you have won you alternate colours and repeat the process, beginning at the lowest bet again.

In doing so, you will always win roulette. “Wait, where’s the catch?” Something like this cannot be so simple or the entire world would be following this roulette system wouldn’t they? The catch is that online gambling sites know people, and they almost certainly have knowledge of the Martingale system for roulette. In order to counter the system they make only one colour come up at the roulette tables when they believe that you’ve taken enough of their money. The colour that they always make come up is the opposite colour to the one that you’re betting on so that you can’t win.

A thought now comes to your mind, “well that’s only for online roulette, I’m sure this would succeed at real casinos”. I have never tried this system at a real casino, but here is what I believe happens there. Real life casinos know about the Martingale for roulette as well, so they put betting limits on the tables (online companies have betting limits too). If you’re unlucky and your colour is not coming up this means that you probably won’t be allowed to bet any more because you have reached the betting limit. So, you won’t be able to earn back what you have lost because you can no longer double your bets.

“Ok, then why is the Martingale better than other gambling systems that I’ve heard of or tried?” Well, this system is probably not any better than any other good system out there. There is not a single system that is one hundred percent effective. If something like that existed then everybody except the casinos would be wealthy. This system is just one possible system of many that aids in reducing the house edge in the game of roulette. Most probably the Martingale is the best roulette system out there (to my knowledge anyway), and it’s undoubtedly superior to betting on numbers or colours randomly without a plan. My advice is to use this system wisely and not too much. When you’ve obtained a reasonable sum of money from playing roulette (approximate $10-20 in 1 hour) stop betting/playing. You have gotten a decent profit and you do not want to lose it. I highly recommend this if you’re using online roulette sites because if you play and win for too long, many sites will make it only land on one colour and it will be the opposite colour to the one that you’re betting on. It is my hope that you have gained some knowledge about roulette here. Good luck with you’re roulette playing and if you would like more roulette tips, please visit my site. Click here
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By Hermit
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