Roulette is an ancient game. During his researches on perpetual motion, the French mathematician Blaize Pascal devised a table composed of numbered pockets and a spinning cylinder. This equipment was gradually used for playing purposes; in the beginning by monks who used it as a way of entertainment then by Parisian gambling houses who transformed it into a gambling game. Roulette had a negative image before but it became popular when the famous Monte-Carlo casino managed by Société des Bains de Mer was launched in the mid 18th century and made this game famous. From then on all establishments have roulette.

The different variants

In the beginning, roulette had 36 numbers plus two more green pockets zero (0) and the double zero (00). To make the game more attractive, the Blanc brothers founders of Monaco casino decided to remove a green pocket. Thus, the house advantage went from 5, 26% to 2.7 %. However, they introduced a rule when you leave the zero pocket which allows you if you had bet on the outside bets to retrieve half of your bet or put it at risk. Therefore, for these types of bets the house advantage is only 1, 35%. The variant of the Blanc brothers is used in Europe. According to the table used, the number of players allowed or the amount of chips given, European roulette is called English roulette or French roulette. The large stock of old materials with the additional double zero pockets from Europe were then sold to American casinos. It is therefore called American roulette, the variant with two green pockets.

The rules of the game

As regards the rules of roulette, all the variants of roulette have the same goal. You have to bet on 1(straight up), 2 (split), 3(street), 4(corner), 6 (six line), 12 (column or dozen) or 18 ( outside bets). If the ball lands on one of the chosen pockets, you win respectively 35, 17, 11, 8, 5, 2 or once your bet.

The martingales

Roulette fans have developed game strategies known as martingales. Some claim that they are infallible. It is true that without the betting limits, they allow you to finish the rounds with more money than you had started with. Unfortunately, you can’t always use them well which will cost you a lot. The most famous roulette strategy is known as classic martingale. It consists of betting on the outside bets and doubling your money after each loss. Therefore, when you win, you recover all your losses and pocket an additional unit. Unfortunately because there is a betting limit you can’t always bet the necessary amount.

By Vincent
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