Roulette Numbers Rule or how are generated roulette numbers in an online roulette game. By Money Maker Machine.

Most of you played online roulette and all you know that after you press spin button the casino generate for you a new number.
Only small amount of players suppose how this can be done and know that this is related to RNG that represent computer software that is responsible for random number generation process.

Before to start describe this process I want to remember to all that we have two types of casinos: land based and online.

The random number generation process differs between land based and online casino so all I will write here will be related only to only roulette.

Why online roulette?
First of all because Money Maker Machine Community performs investigation of processes happen in Online Roulette also because between all generated numbers we have rule we can investigate and which is described by a formula.

On the core of each roulette number sequence we will have some rules and this mean each of them will make the best distribution of numbers for current sequence that always will tend to an ideal distribution.

What mean ideal distribution?
So as you know the proportion between blacks and reds will land in a roulette numbers sequence should be always 50/50 and this we will call the ideal numbers distribution rule.

In real games this proportion tend to 50/50 but never is 50/50.

Example: I checked our database with prerecorded numbers from a real roulette game so I found there next info.
Landed Reds=9800
Landed Blacks=9570
Landed Zero=400
Total numbers=19770
So for this example the distribution between blacks and reds will be next 49.57/48.40

Can we have cases when the distribution can be more then 50 for any of the colors?
Yes this can happen but this case is not for the players but for RNG Engineers whose goal is to develop for the players RNG’s.

So if this will happen then any engineer will say that this is not a good RNG and will modify it in order to have a good distribution.

Ok we get even to this but not this is the goal of this article.
Here we should talk also we should prove that exist one main rule that generate numbers for players.

Once this rule exist this mean we have during whole sequence a dependence between numbers so this will mean present depend from the past and future will depend from the present.

Believe me this is how work any of the online casinos and the player who can use this advantage is for sure a winner.
Because he can investigate the past and know the present and all he should do is to predict the future.

Yes this may be hard to believe for a simply player but if you will run one of our products you will see this.
For this fact I will recommend to check RNGSGEN – software which’s goal is to generate RNG functions and to investigate generated numbers. The best news is that you will not analyze only several millions of numbers like the so called Pro Roulette Players prove to do but you will analyze whole sequence of 4294967296 numbers and this mean whole circle.

Yes whole circle because this is the way is build this world and this mean every thing has a beginning and an end.
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Written By Money Maker Machine Team.

By william
Company: Money Maker Machine