The best roulette strategy for beginners is to first, learn the game. You’ve probably stepped up to a roulette table and saw the players with wild eyes, leaning over and placing or throwing chips on a table lined with numbers; you’ve probably also seen someone collecting stacks of chip from a win, at this point you’ve wanted to join in but felt awkward-maybe? from being a first time player. Roulette is such an easy game to pick up that all you have to do is have a seat and start playing, but if you’ve refrained so far hopefully this blog will let you in on the basics of roulette.
Most likely if your playing in the U.S you will play on a roulette table with a zero and a double zero(00). This is called the American Roulette table, it’s the standard table used in most of the casinos in Las Vegas and across the country-the other table being the European roulette which only has one 0. Different strategies can be used on these tables but i will mainly discuss roulette strategy on the American game.
The object of roulette is to place chips on a number that will hit. Playing with a strategy comes in handy in order to make a better guess on where the ball might land. Some people like to bet on their favorite numbers, or birthdays, and some just like to close their eyes and fling chips on to the numbers, it really is a matter of preference. Now let’s see how the game is played. The dealer spins a ball that will lose momentum and fall on to a number on the wheel, you want to have a chip in one form or another sitting on that number; this is the way you can win. What I mean when i say ‘one form or another,’ is that you will get paid if you have a chip on the number but there are various ways to place a chip. You can place a chip straight up, split two numbers, three, four or six numbers. Each paying less as the number gets higher. But basically the more numbers you cover with one chip the less money you make but this is something that you can experiment with as you get more and more familiar with roulette.
Some other good things to know when approaching a table is that,
1. Roulette chips have no value off the table-so don’t try to cash them out somewhere else.
2. Once the dealer waves their hand over the table, no more bets can be made.
3. The ‘marker’ is a little object that the dealer uses to mark the winning number, do not remove anything from the table or place new bets until this marker is removed.
4. There is no high fiving at the table as it may put the dealer at risk.
Roulette is an fun game to play especially when your numbers are hitting. Once some roulette strategy is learned you can enjoy the game better as find out what works where and when.

By Lola Samus
Born in Hawaii, raised under the shades of the coconut tree, and taught in the cool ocean waves.