Roulette is a casino game that, among others really stands out. The sophistication, style and high visibility of the game, coupled with the fact that the game is completely based on chance makes it so alluring to so many people. In the world of roulette, there are no professionals, no card counting, no elaborate skills needed and no way to win every time.
It would be fantastic if there were a way to explain why the balls lands on specific numbers, and make the game more sense, it would also be just as fantastic if there were a set of statistics that could tell you which numbers appeared most frequently.
The fact that this can and will never occur is the reason behind roulette popularity and what makes it such an enthralling game to play. There is no telling what numbers may come up, as each spin of the wheel has nothing to do with the preceding one.
As this is the case, all players have to rely solely on luck, and hope for their numbers to appear. This doesn

By Erim Jones
Content Writer