Roulette Riches- The Roulette Killer Roulette eBook

Turn black and red into roulette riches and become the hero in your particular postal district! It is not often that you can find information on roulette riches that give you simple; easy to follow tips that help you win advantage over the house over the long run.

The Roulette Killer Roulette eBook by Robin Wagner discusses topics such as historical facts; roulette tips to avoid losing massive amounts of money; basic betting information and commonly used roulette strategies that are currently known and practiced. It also debunks commons roulette myths of these systems and talks about specific key things to look for in playing roulette on the physical roulette wheel and the virtual wheel online.

One of the best aspects of The Roulette Killer Roulette eBook is the breakdown of common roulette strategies and their accompanying myths.

For instance, the Law-of -Averages strategy doesn’t take into account that the roulette wheel is independent of other spins. While it’s true that the law of averages state that every number will occur and equal amount of times over a long period of time, who has the time or money for literally millions of spins.

Simply put, this strategy cannot be used in short term scenarios.

Another technique, known as the Fibonacci sequence has no relation to roulette because physics and not mathematics decide where the ball falls, so that cannot be used effectively. Board covering bets are a money waster and are do not address how to effectively incorporate roulette statistics.

Lastly, the Martingale betting strategy, which attempts to eliminate long term losses immediately has a fundamental flaw. To avoid a losing streak, you would have to double your bet right after a loss. If you continue to lose, you would have to double your bets until you cover all of your losses, which would take up an endless supply of funds.

All of these methods that are currently promoted have been shown to have serious flaws that make gaining the upper hand in gaining roulette riches very difficult to say the least.

The other wonderful thing about The Roulette Killer Roulette eBook is the alternative common sense methods that are taught.

The book takes into account the importance of making mental notes of the physical imperfections of the roulette wheel and the online tricks that are used so you can turn the “tables” so to speak in your favor.

To start coming out ahead regardless if you are playing online or at the roulette wheel, it is important to have at least fifty individual bets at each table, meaning you should be able to play fifty times or rounds.

From there, observe the patterns of how the ball is falling and focus on concentrating your bets accordingly. Doing so breaks down based on normal betting patterns such as low, mid, high, even and odd.

All of these things are a part of the chaos theory that is explained in detail, which is the basis of the method covered in this roulette ebook. Chaos theory is a scientific theory that states that microscopic minor changes can have large scale effects when applied over time.

This is why the fifty round minimum is suggested. Essentially, in order to win roulette riches, it is not about instant gratification, but it is about playing smarter and wiser over longer play periods.

In conclusion, The Roulette Killer Roulette ebook emphasizes how important it is to pay attention to the details of what is going on all around you and act in accordance. If I were to judge the content of this roulette ebook, I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 out of 5 stars is because nothing in the world can be perfect, but that is just a personal preference.

Honestly though, I like realistic approach to things that can be applied to real life situations. I have been to websites such as The Ultimate Roulette Strategies ($99.00), along with the Roulette Assault software ($49.95), Roulette Sniper ($39.95), and RBet Roulette ($24.95). I have seen The Roulette Killer sold around other outlets for $49.95. But on, their standard price for this eBook is only $6.99. That price is very hard to beat.

If you are a gambling fan, particularly a roulette fan and you are looking for a way to really get ahead on your roulette riches; this roulette ebook is the way to go. I would recommend this book to friends and family alike who like to gamble- Even perfect strangers. Most important, have fun playing, but be smart and you will find yourself better off.

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Thank you and have lots of fun!


~ Roulette Riches- The Roulette Killer Roulette eBook~

By Rachel Carney
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