The availability of Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology at a price that the average user can afford has had some surprising side-effects in the world of automated betting. For example you can now switch off your desktop computer and go off to do something else while your poker-playing alter ego is laboring through a multi-table tournament, controlled by your server running in a distant data center. That is a huge convenience factor, but what is possible with VPS and roulette software is even more game-changing. But first, a little persepective on the current state of play with roulette robots. The first generation of roulette support programs required manual input of numbers spun, and would try to identify patterns and ordain size and position of bets, which would then need to be done manually. This was boring, error-prone and slooow – it was very hard to get above a spin rate of 10 per minute or 600 per hour at the very most. Then, bit by bit, some software began to turn up which automated the bet placement and wheel spinning process, permitting the software to be left unattended once it was set running. The number of casinos available to these second generation programs was very limited and the systems available were fairly rudimentary, generally consisting of some variant of the dreadful martingale progression (which can destroy your bankroll in the blink of an eye). But spin rates were creeping up to maybe a few thousand per hour and suddenly some strategies which would call for inhuman patience if played manually started to look more feasible. At last, a third-generation of bots arrived, including Super-Roulette, Roulette Bot Pro and Roulette Assault, which not only offered a wide selection of casinos on which to play, but also integrated some much more sophisticated strategies and permitted the user a much wider set of options for tailoring those strategies. At around the same time VPS services became a more feasible option for the home user, starting at around $25 per month. Put together a highly efficient bot such as Roulette Assault and a well-tuned VPS and all of a sudden your roulette spin rate can take off like a rocket. Using a VPS from Commercial Network Services (originally designed for Forex traders) I have been able to crank out spin rates of 10,000 to 12,000 per hour. What this means in practical terms is that even a martingale progression can suddenly become a viable strategy if you defer the start of betting. For instance you could start betting only when an even chance has already lost for 15 spins in a row (which only happens every few thousand spins). Or you could use one of the more subtle strategies, such as Roulette Assault’s implementation of the Roulette Bandit system. Either way, strategies which would have taken far too long to grind out a profit in the past now offer the chance of doubling your money while you are off doing something more interesting. The checklist for enjoying this sort of performance is as follows:
1) Solid, dependable roulette bot which works well with a VPS,
2) VPS service optimised to work well with screen-scraping robots
3) Casino which allows free spins (without betting) and small base stakes (eg 10p at William Hill)
4) Bankroll of at least 500 units (eg 50 pounds or dollars) which you can afford to lose (as you will sometimes)
5) The willpower to bank your winnings every time you double up, leaving no more than your initial bankroll at risk.
Given these conditions there is every possibility of gaining a regular part-time income from your Roulette Bot.

By Mark Goodmane
If you decide to try your luck, please let me know how you got on via the Botfarm blog, where you can find advice on setting up a VPS and many more topics of interest to bot users. For the top recommendation for roulette bots see the Botfarm’s Roulette Assault page.