Roulette methods abound on the web ready for use. As a former casino dealer for over 10 years and player of roulette for 20 years, it is my observation that a roulette method does not necessarily be complicated in their move towards gaining consistent wins. What calls for is a combination of discipline and outright positive frame of mind.

Observing roulette players as a dealer at a brick and mortar casino back home, I found out that most players has his or her own methods and strategies in overcoming house advantage. They came fully equipped and ready to meet head-on the game of chance which is roulette. While a few came out winners and the rest financially bruised for the day, nevertheless one can easily see and feel the fun and excitement they had at playing the game.

Let us now continue with what our main topic which is roulette method. As I had mentioned earlier that discipline and having a positive frame of mind are key ingredients to successful roulette gambling, we must now define what it meant.

Discipline calls for total adherence to your perceived method that you are to apply at the game. Here, no if and buts are to be contemplated on so as to fully implement and get the needed results based on the method. And the other key is outright positive frame of mind deals with mind conditioning that makes players confident and intrepid in their playing styles.

Surely a timid line of attack would only complicate matters as these players most often than not are overwhelmed by mere pressure of 2 to 3 consecutive turn losses thereby losing their roulette methods in the midst of play. These diffident players are more concern with the status of their playing capital even before the start of the game!

Without any roulette method the basic winning keys mentioned above are totally useless wherein playing style will really now depend on blind betting. First and foremost of this roulette method is your choice of a roulette brand of play.

We all know for a fact that European roulette system gives players better chances of winning than the American added double zero roulette. Another worth mentioning is your betting patterns. In roulette or in any game of chance for that matter high yielding bets are hard to win in any day of the season. 35 to 1 payout means you’ll have 2.65% probability of winning. Any prudent and wise gambler will certainly avoid risk such as this one. Always bet on even bet payouts.

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By Arlene Matienzo
Author is a freelance writer whose articles focuses on finance, casino and golf. Her vast experiences as a finance officer, casino dealer and avid golfer really speaks well of her subject articles.