Roulette May Pose Serious a Threat to Internet Bingo

It is a well established fact that in the UK internet bingo is the most popular form of online gaming among women. Despite the stereotype of little old ladies sitting in smoky bingo clubs internet bingo has attracted many female players in the 18-40 age group. Internet bingo websites are going to great lengths to attract new players and retain current players and the competition is keen. The intense competition has given internet bingo players a clear advantage in the form of bigger jackpots, original promotions and a larger selection of games. Since internet bingo is licensed and regulated in the UK players are assured a safe hassle free internet bingo experience.

Internet bingo faces an unexpected threat-the increasing popularity of roulette. According to a recently released report roulette has long been a favorite among ladies in the USA and is rapidly gaining in popularity among females in the UK.Roulette has not even been a close second in popularity for British internet bingo players but that seems to be changing. According to the study done by Gaming Supermarket roulette poses a real threat to internet bingo. Roulette has long been a favorite casino game with an image of glamour and excitement. In the James Bond movie series Bond is often seen at roulette tables in luxurious casinos in Cannes and Monte Carlo.

Although at present internet bingo is still the most popular form of online gambling among the ladies some industry experts say roulette is starting to make inroads among internet bingo players. David Merry of LiveRoulette stated, “We all knew the bingo boom would not last forever, and although I think it is far from over I think the cracks are starting to show. Roulette provides women with the chance to win serious cash, very quickly, so it is easy to see why they would be attracted.” Merry said that a recent survey showed that 38% of new roulette players are female.

Many internet bingo websites are offering players very generous bingo bonuses to retain existing players and attract new players. The intense competition between bingo sites is advantageous for players. Bingo sites are creating new original promotions and offering ever larger bingo bonuses.

For the time being internet bingo holds the top spot among the ladies but roulette poses a serious threat. Most industry experts say that internet bingo is likely to hold the top spot among female players for some time to come.

By Anthony Wayne 2009 All rights Reserved.