The game of roulette has been around for many hundreds of years. As time has progressed many legends have been associated with the game. While many of these surely have some true components it is hard to ascertain the credibility of the entire legend.

Numerous legends exist regarding the origins of the roulette game. There is some debate as to whether the game first originated in France or in Italy. There is also some believe that roulette actually had its foundation in China another locations in the Far East. It is sad that the game made its way to Europe as traders migrated back and forth between the two areas. However, most people today contend that the game probably began in France.

One legend centres on the French mathematician, Blaise Pascal. While the invention of the roulette wheel is actually said to have occurred after Pascal’s time there are some legends the credit him with design the technology to make the roulette wheel possible. Pascal did many studies on perpetual motion. During one of these studies Pascal made a large wheel. Supposedly it was Pascal’s friends who felt that the wheel should be utilized for the purpose of gambling. While Pascal did not directly invent the roulette wheel it is sad that he opened the door to make it possible.

Another roulette legend surrounds another Frenchman by the name of Francois Blanc. In 1842 block along with his brother Louis created a roulette game featuring a single zero. This is the commonly referred to European roulette wheel that is popular today.

The Blanc brothers took their roulette wheel to Monte Carlo. There they established the first casinos in that location. The legend that exists surrounding Francois Blanc states that he tried to find out the secrets of the roulette wheel by making negotiations with the devil. When Blanc added up all the numbers contained on the roulette wheel the resulting number was 666. This number has long been associated with the devil. The legend goes to say that following this discovery, Blanc then win on to consult with the devil.

By Laura Brown
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