In every pastime that involves the element of luck and money, there have been players who have tried to find cheating systems to improve their chances of winning. While casinos claim that roulette is a cheat-proof game as it is dependent on luck alone, with absolutely no skill involved, there have been those along the line who have claimed that cheating is possible while playing roulette.

Naturally, roulette cheating is illegal and should not be attempted, but it is interesting to see how players have managed to beat the system through a number of ingenious ways.

Past Posting

This was probably the most common form of roulette cheating at land based casinos before surveillance cameras were introduced to gambling establishments. Past posting essentially involves tampering with the betting table after the wheel has been spun so that bets are manipulated in the cheat’s favor. The logic is that after the roulette wheel comes to a stop, the croupier looks down for a couple of seconds to determine the winning number before paying out the winners. In those crucial seconds, the roulette cheat will use fast reflexes to move or switch bets, or remove his own losing bets from the table altogether. Thankfully, with the introduction of tougher security at casinos, this type of roulette cheating has declined over the years.

Electronic Devices

By examining the spins on a particular roulette wheel using a mobile phone or electronic device and a special program, some people claim that it is possible to determine where the ball will fall next on the wheel at land based casino. Casinos acknowledge that this is a problem, and have done what they can to prevent devices such as those created by the physicist Norman Packard to be used at their establishments. Tough laws with up to a decade in prison mean that any roulette fans with a brain would avoid using these now-easily detectable electronic devices in roulette cheating!

Bogus Roulette Cheating Claims

Once in a while you will come across an ad claiming that for the ‘unbeatable’ sum of $5.95 (or whatever it happens to be), you can get access to the ultimate roulette cheating scheme. Take into account that there is no foolproof roulette cheating method and that by sending your money, you are falling prey to a bogus scheme. Look at it this way: If someone really had cracked the secret to beating the odds in roulette, do you think they’d be selling the idea for a mere pittance on the internet? The chances are he or she would be spending all their time winning all the roulette games they could get their hands on and putting casinos out of business in the process!


Of course, for the mainstream roulette fan, roulette cheating is not an option. It is best to keep everything in proportion by setting aside a reasonably sized bankroll for your roulette entertainment – an amount that you can afford to lose – and enjoy the thrill of the game with peace of mind!

By Kevin
Kevin is an avid roulette fan, and enjoys writing content about playing roulette to help inform others about the game.