Roulette Bot, Roulette Systems and Roulette Trigger Numbers. Do they really work and help you win at the roulette table? Today I will discuss a bit about my own personal experiences and also about what I have found out from a little research.

I will start with Roulette Trigger Numbers as I have had first hand experience playing on this system. Many may not be familiar with this system as it relates only to Roulette Gaming Machines found in the UK Bookmaker shops such as William Hill, Ladbrokes and Corals. The same system is also supposed to work in all UK Land Casinos machines. Roulette Trigger Numbers refer to placing a bet on set of numbers after a ‘Trigger Number’ has come out on the wheel.

For example, after the number 20 has come out, you would bet on a certain set of 11 numbers that are supposed to drop within 10 spins of the number 20 coming out. Raising your bet accordingly. The system is supposed to work on the fact that the RNG (or Random Number Generator) in the gaming machines can never really in fact be random and do produce a pattern. From my personal experience I have seen the system work very well on certain numbers but also fail alot as well. So my advice is never buy or attempt to use this kind of roulette system. Chances are the company that makes the RNG software is aware and do update there software regularly to ensure no pattern of numbers are produced.

Another more common Roulette System you may have already heard about is the famous martingale system. This system is claimed to work in many types of betting but it is probably the worst roulette system you will ever come across. Martingale System is based on doubling your bet each time you lose when playing near 50/50 odds. Such as betting red/black in roulette or playing Blackjack. If you ever have a bad run of 10 or more losses using this system you will see your bank disappear. Unless you have a MASSIVE bank roll and can cover a big loss run, stay well clear of this system.

OK next lets talk about a Roulette Bot and what exactly it does. A roulette bot such as Roulette Sniper is for use on Online Casinos only. A roulette bot will play your game for you at the table, waiting for patterns in the play before betting. As an example, the roulette bot will place only small bets on red or black and then once it recognizes a pattern in the numbers, will continue to bet accordingly. I have personally used a roulette bot and although it wont get you rich overnight, it does actually help to win a little extra money while playing. As always with any betting system only gamble what you can afford and never chase thoughts dam loses! Always cut your loses and gamble sensibly.

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By Doug Flemming
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