Have you experienced before a consecutive losing at Roulette no matter how good a betting strategy is? If you have a winning betting strategy, the luck and your own betting behaviors are the 2 variables that will make you lose at the game.

You can’t have good luck all the times. Bad luck is a constant variable that will hit a person from time to time. When bad luck hits you, you will lose at Roulette regardless of the best winning strategy implemented. So, players who want to win at the wheel should avoid playing the game when they found they don’t have so “good” in luck. The question is how to detect the signal of bad luck?

There is no way to measure the luck, but you can easily detect the signal of good or bad luck. Regardless of the betting strategy used, when you are at good luck, you will win more that you lose; on the other hand, if you lose more that you win, you luck may not be so good at that time. Smart players will leave the game immediately when they found the good luck is not at their side. They will stay at the game when their roulette betting strategy works to beat the game until they hit two to three consecutive losses, takes the winnings and leave the games immediately.

Many players don’t want to exit the game when bad luck hits them because they want to win back the money they have loss. Unless they are lucky, they will keep losing the money, more and more, until they give up because they have loss all their money. Many players believe they can win the game as long as they have a winning Roulette strategy. Unfortunately, there is no one Roulette strategy on the earth that will guarantee a winning. A good betting strategy is the one that will help you win more than you lose, making a net winning at the end of day. But, it does not guarantee you will walk away with winning all the times because Roulette by itself is a game of chance. The uncontrolled variable such as luck is an important factor that will determine the winning or the losing. You should be smart enough to decide when the strategy works and when it is not. Many Roulette betting strategy guides do require players to exit the game when a certain condition is met. One of them is when you hit a consecutive loss. So, if you have found a good betting strategy does not work out it should be. Most probably bad luck is the causing factor.

Another losing factor is the greedy behavior when they win and the panic behavior when they lose. Although we want to win as much money as possible, we have to know when to exit the game and take the winning. On the other hand, when you keep losing, don’t become panic and keep increase the bet amount with the hope to win back the money you have loss, you will lose fast if you bet in this way. Knowing the right time to take loss and exit the game will prevent you from facing unrecoverable losses.


You have to count in the 2 important variables: the luck and the betting behavior when playing at Roulette. They are the two key factors that make players lose even though they have the best Roulette strategy. So, watch out these two variables. Good luck Roulette players!

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