Rock On With Rock and Roll Bingo!

There are a wide variety of bingo games. There are educational bingo games, holiday themed games, seasonal games, bingo games with special unique patterns and many variations on the decades old game of bingo. Now the inevitable has happened-rock and roll bingo. Mark Walsh, of Leeds in the UK, has come up with a new bingo game that is sure to be a big hit with players around the world. In Walsh’s new version of bingo the caller is replaced with clips from popular songs.

Instead of numbers Rock and roll bingo cards contain song titles and the artist’s name. When the player hears the sound clip the space containing the title of the song is marked with a dauber. Just like traditional bingo the first player to mark all the spaced on their card calls ‘full house’ of just ‘house.’ Walsh originally played the new bingo game at his local pub and in 2009 the game became so popular that bingo giant Mecca is going to offer rock and roll bingo at its Nottingham bingo hall and if it is successful will offer rock and roll bingo at all of its bingo halls across the UK. Currently rock and roll bingo is played at 350 venues nationwide. The meteoric rise of rock and roll bingo caught Walsh by surprise and he told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “We thought we had something and we thought it would take off but now we’re just over the moon. We just started playing it in a few places and it just went through the roof.”

Recently rock and roll bingo got national attention on Radio 2. Rock and roll bingo inventor Walsh was a contestant on the popular Ken Bruce Popmaster slot. Although Walsh’s performance was disappointing he got nationwide exposure for rock and roll bingo. Rock and roll bingo is appearing at many new venues across the UK. The average rock and roll bingo game lasts about 15 action packed minutes and most fans play multiple games.

It is only a matter of time before online bingo sites begin to offer rock and roll bingo to players in addition to more traditional versions of the game. All that is needed is a clever software developer to take this popular game online. Rock and roll bingo will be a welcome addition to the world of online bingo and in the very near future online bingo players will be rocking out to rock and roll bingo!

By Anthony Wayne 2009 All rights Reserved.