Online casinos are just like any other business – they need profit. And to do that, they have to deploy marketing strategies, too. When it comes to casino players, online casinos usually entice potentials or prospects by offering a casino bonus.

There are many types of casino bonuses evaluable online but usually the most encouraging bonuses are welcome and no deposit casino bonuses. These online casino bonuses become available to the new players every time they decide to sign up an account as new casino customers. Players accepting the casino terms and conditions would receive the casino cash, but actually it is not money, it is practically like “virtual” money which a player can use in the online casino. The purpose of the bonuses is to keep the casino customers playing. A little bit of free money means a few more games to play which might help, if they are lucky, to turn into a major winning. On the other hand, a no deposit casino bonus works like a “free taste” of the casino. It is a bonus which allows potential players to explore the different games the casino has to offer. Players do not have to pay for anything, however online casinos have implemented certain wagering restrictions for these kind of bonuses. Game choices are limited and actual wins from the free bonus can only be withdrawn after meeting certain requirements. The main purpose of no deposit bonus is to entice prospects to finally open an account with the casino and continue playing.

There are certain players – labelled by the casino management as casino bonus hunters – who thrive on these bonuses. The casino bonus hunters will seek out online casinos offering the largest bonuses and aim to take an advantage over the casino. This might not be a good idea because once caught, a casino bonus hunter suffers the consequence of his rights being revoked and not being able to get a bonus on that site again.

As any online gambling aficionado would know, players must wager some amount of their initial deposit before they can withdraw any of their winnings. In wagering, any one of the following things can occur: you can either lose some or all of the amount of your bonus or initial deposit or, you end up depositing more money because the online gambling experience is something you thoroughly enjoyed. What happens most of the time is that a casino bonus hunter rarely walks away with a considerable sum of winnings. Usually, they end up with just some of their bonus, sometimes with a bit of their initial deposit and that is it. This is why casino bonus hunters aim to find the largest bonuses coupled with the lowest wagering requirements in order to get the most out of their casino bonus.

Remember, being a casino bonus hunter can result in good rewards, but most of the times, it is a negative. Online casinos loathe hunters and being labelled as one can end your online gambling life. Try this trick with extreme caution and make sure you are at least coming out a bit ahead. And even so, before accepting these free casino offers it is worth to calculate if the bonuses are good enough to invest your time to get winnings: the winnings that the hunters come away with are probably not worth the time that they put in.

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By Arthur Prudent
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