Anyone who has ever played blackjack at a land casino will have bound to come across a blackjack hero. These are the people who think that they understand the strategies and tactics of blackjack or have watched that famous scene in “Rain Man” one too many times, when Dustin Hoffman destroys the bank by counting all the cards in the pack while listening to the radio. It not that these people have been gifted with some special gift, it’s just that they know something that no one else in the room does; what card is coming next. So they draw card when they shouldn’t have and cause the bank to win hands that should have gone to the table.
With the arrival of online casinos on the scene, thankfully we no longer have to compete against these blackjack heroes as well as the bank. However as we are playing alone and there is no one to judge us, apart from ourselves, it is sometimes very tempting to let the pressure get to us, and become a hero, which usually means shooting yourself in the foot. Instead an online player, especially one who plays multi-handed online blackjack, should make themselves a clear set of rules and blackjack strategies of how they should handle just about every situation that they are liable to come up against.
One of the major advantages of playing casino blackjack is that we don’t have to pay for our education. Anyone new to the game should take their time and learn the rules of the game, which are very simple as well as developing a playing pattern strategy which they should stand in front of the mirror, look themselves in the face and promise to stick to through thick and thin. Here are just some of the rules that should be adhered to.
* Always split aces, except if the dealer is holding an ace.
* Always split twos and threes, except if the dealer is holding an ace.
* Never split sevens and eights, unless the dealer is holding a five or six
* Always double a nine, ten or eleven unless the dealer is holding a face or on ace. In this case is just draw.
* Always draw a card if your first two cards are less than double figures.
* Never draw a card if your first two cards are more than double figures.
Adhering to these rules will take a lot of discipline as we all like to know what would have happened next. In the online blackjack world it is possible to take a hand backward and forward to see a hand played out in various scenarios, at least as a guest player.
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