Anyone who is considering learning how to play poker must know that there are several places to get the right information, most people learn to play poker by playing with a friend or a family member, however the person learning is limited to the capabilities of the person teaching the game; learning how to play poker is always more effective when you learn by playing with more than one player, this way you can get tips from people who have different playing styles.

When it comes to the web you can take part on a poker room, go to free games or participate in a social gambling related site; the best combination is to participate in forums where you can start discussions related to your level of expertise and at the same time be part of a popular poker room. Why not participate in free online poker games such as the ones found in Yahoo? Simple, for the most part they are a waste of time, when you sign up and play those games you go up against several people who may play with you on a virtual table and three seconds later drop out of the game, there are several people who do this because they are just browsing from genre to genre, they are not genuinely interested in Poker.

Poker forums are the best places to exchange tips and strategies with people in your same skill level and with those who are considered experts, the feedback and bits of knowledge you get at these places is priceless because the discussions are not biased and players are discussing topics related to Poker which interest the whole community.

Another important thing you learn by participating with an active poker playing community is to think and analyze your hand just like professionals do, as you may know poker is a game of chance, strategy and wits; you must master at least two of them in order to feel comfortable and participate in tournaments with high stakes.

When we talk about “poker” most people are not thinking of just one game, actually there are several variations of this game you must learn, some of them are Texas Hold’em, Omaha, seven card stud, sit ‘n go, etc. Learning how to play just one will limit your chances at making it big if you decide to go for the big prices in online poker rooms or at real casinos. Whether you participate in an online poker community or decide to learn offline the most important thing to remember is to get feedback and tips from many players that way you will assimilate their playing styles and become a better competitor.

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