It does not matter if you are in an online bingo site or in a land based club, all you have to do is ask a couple of people why they play bingo and nine times out of ten they will tell you one of two answers, either for entertainment or for relaxation. In the UK it is virtually impossible to find a bingo player that says they play for the money. Prizes and cash are completely secondary to the relaxation factor of playing bingo.

Bingo is categorized as a lottery type game, it is not difficult to play and it is also not a difficult game to learn to play. There is a kind of rhythm about it, the caller calls the number rhythmically and the bingo player falls into the same rhythm when marking of the numbers on their cards, it almost becomes automatic. This is also true for online bingo, although the game is slightly different with the player not having to daub their own cards. The relaxation factor comes into play because the game has a very low competitive value; everyone basically has the same chance of winning as everyone else, so this takes the competitive aspect out of it.

Another factor that adds to the relaxation value of bingo is the socialization that it enables people to enjoy. This applies both to the land based and online bingo game. Scientifically it has been proven that the game of bingo provides an integral social aspect to residents of the UK. This does not apply so much in the US as people play bingo, chiefly for the money. Not to make new friends or meet up with old ones. However in the UK people view bingo from a completely different standpoint. The go online or to a bingo club, generally with a couple of mates for entertainment and relaxation. Not to make money!

Bingo is for after work, it is where you go for a drink with a friend and relax after a tiring day. You will find that many UK bingo players go of an evening, often about twice a week and generally in the weekdays. If they didn’t find that bingo was a relaxing activity, they certainly wouldn’t go to play after work.

By Tom Gouldin
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