The best way to avoid getting bankrupt is to become a better poker player and win games. The best poker strategies for being a better poker player is to practice. Only when you practice (and you can practice online which is so much easier today more than ever) can you really maximize each hand you have and each poker session you join.

Now, aside from practicing the technical and psychological aspects of poker so that you can use it to your advantage, you also have to be wary about the way you wager your own cash. Here are some online poker strategies we can suggest to make sure that you do not go home with an empty bank account.

Online Poker Strategy #1: Prepare a bank account just for your poker games.

Go to the bank and open a bank account that is dedicated to your poker bankroll. Deposit the right amount of money for playing poker, one that is within your budget. Practice vigilance and be disciplined enough to stop playing when you find you are losing and your bank account is getting to near depletion. Remember, if things are not looking good, there is always tomorrow to win other games, so do not finish of your bankroll in just one night.

Online Poker Strategy #2: Be mentally prepared.

Play poker when you are in a good mood, rather in a bad, antsy frame of mind. Poker is as much technical as it is psychological with maybe psychology being bigger factor. So, do not play agitated as this can affect your game in a costly manner.

Online Poker Strategy #3: You do not have to play every hand.

When you play every hand the dealer gives, you are just showing your opponents what a rookie you are. Resist the temptation to play each hand. The average hand played by expert poker players is one out ten. Patience is a virtue in poker. A premium hand with pairs and aces can make you big money, but the timing should be right. There is no shame in folding when you are losing. Folding early on will save you a lot of pain, sorrow and cash!

Online Poker Strategy #4: Play in position if you can.

Take advantage of your position on the table. When you are the last player on a table, you have the fortunate advantage of observing your competitor and how they act. If the player calls, raises or folds, you can watch them. You can make a psychological profile of your competitors in this position. This will help you win!

Online Poker Strategy #5: Have fun because when you’re having fun, you attract money.

There are people who are getting paid well and when you ask that person what his secret is he would say, “I’m happy with what I am doing.” The same is true for poker. If you are having fun and you do poker games for recreational purposes, you will find yourself winning more than losing and actually make money. It is when a player puts too much pressure on himself as a poker player will he usually be prone to losing because the focus and patience needed in the game is affected by the negativity of the player. So, always be happy so you do not lose all your money!

By Isaac Remponi
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