The Ps3’s networking abilities make it a great console for playing card games with players from all over the world. Currently there are several poker games available for download from the Playstation site and for purchase at retail stores. Before you decide to purchase one of the games, though, you might want to learn a bit about each one to help you determine which game you would enjoy best.

Ps3’s Poker Game: High Stakes on the Vegas Strip

Ps3’s poker edition of High Stakes on the Vegas Strip is available for download at a very affordable price (around 10 dollars). It gives you plenty for your money too. The game offers online and offline poker playing options so you can play at home or challenge players from other locations. The single-player option is actually quite fun, especially since the game’s artificial intelligence usually makes challenging calls that will force you to improve your game. This Ps3 poker game also gives you the opportunity to participate in tournaments, which makes it slightly better than some other game options on the market.

High Stakes on the Vegas Strip has good graphics, but the visuals will not blow you away. (You can, however, customize your avatars.) The graphics are not necessarily a big downside, though, because most players want an intuitive game that gives them the information they need without lots of flashy distractions. That is exactly what you get with Ps3’s High Stakes on the Vegas Stripe Poker Edition.

Ps3’s Poker Game: World Series of Poker: Battle for the Bracelets

Ps3’s World Series of Poker: Battle for the Bracelets gives players more options than High Stakes, but it also costs more money. You can find it for between 20 and 50 dollars at retailers and online stores. Depending on what you want from your Ps3 poker game, you might think the extra money is worth it.

World Series of Poker offers many of the options that you would expect to see in this type of game. It has tournaments and head-to-head competitions, customizable avatars and graphics that are on par or better than most video poker games. The real advantage that World Series of Poker has over many other video poker games is that it offers tutorials that can improve your playing skills. The tutorials include strategy from poker legend Phil Hellmuth’s book Ultimate White to Black Belt Course. Regardless of your current skill level, there is plenty to learn from masters like Hellmuth.

Choosing Your Ps3 Poker Game

There are plenty of options for Ps3 poker games, so it is worth your time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of several games to help you decide which one your prefer. Some of the games cost more than others, but the higher price often pays for graphics instead of better game play. Think about what options matter to you most so that you can purchase an affordable Ps3 poker game that you will enjoy.

By Claire Young
Claire Young is a texas hold em online editor over at, the guide to poker articles and live poker tournaments.