Surprisingly enough, even some of the world’s best and smartest blackjack players have been arrested for cheating at blackjack. There are always people who will ruin a good thing. For being, blackjack players have been tiresome to find behavior to cheat at blackjack to beat the casinos out of their money. Players who wants to learn blackjack cheating should be banned from casinos and held accountable to the law. Casinos has no space for blackjack cheaters.

Are you amazed reading the heading “Blackjack How To Cheat? A lot of cheating is going on any given hand. There are several examples of cheating going on, from the casinos they try to cheat the players by making small variations that being said, the players’ are part as well. How true is that? Well, the answer for yourself and to everyone else is at the table to make intelligent decisions about the best way to play your hands, and the best amount to bet on in the original rules to change the odds to their favor. Counting cards is not a blackjack cheating. Blackjack Card counting is simply good strategy for you to use the informations available to this world famous card game.

Here are some of blackjack how to cheat strategies that are well known on casinos and being practice by blackjack casino cheaters. This cheating practices are not recommended to be used on casinos.

Marking cards is one of the most popular known method on blackjack how to cheat. This is done by putting marking on the cards as the game is on play. Long and sharp fingernails are used to scratch the card and putting some marking on it.
Switching card is another way to cheat on blackjack games. It entails playing two hands and switching cards from one hand to the other. This are done only by those who are master of sleight-of-hand. They will switch the actual cards in their hands with the cards hidden under their sleeve. Big trouble if someone gets caught doing this. The kind of trouble you don’t want to mess with.

Palming a card and substituting it by a better one is called “Hold Out” method. The risky part of this method is that the pit boss can examine you closely when the deck is changed. They can notice that there is something wrong on the cards you’re playing and the dealer will instantly call card down once you try to switch cards off the table.

Another way to cheat on casinos while playing blackjack is through the use of electronic devices. This is done by two man team and they can gain the advantage of this method if the dealer is careless when looking at his card for black jack. The other member will going to signal the member that plays on the table by using this electronic device..Due to this kind of cheating some casinos already have their new electronic detection.

New blackjack cheating opportunities includes the dealer himself. How? By stacking the deck a dealer can deal which ever card they want and can choose or decide to whom player will lost or win at the table. This method is preferred to be called as the “” Second Deal” Also a dealer can fix a game as a player can make illegal payments in exchange for the favor.

Cheating on casinos are not recommended though there are ways on how to cheat specially in blackjack. But cheating on a casino game can cause you into a big trouble. Aside from the security of the casinos that for sure you don’t want to messed up with you’ll be facing the law.

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