There are many different games offered by casinos and when we talk about casino games people usually associate them with the common and popular games. Games like poker, free bingo sites UK, baccarat, blackjack, slots etc are well known and popular. But apart from these there are certain games which are played at casinos and the best part is they are very easy to play.

One such game is Sic Bo, which is a simple and easy to play dice game. This is an ancient Chinese game which can be played with three dice and you do not require special skills of understanding to win. Your luck or chance is the deciding factor here, so if it’s your lucky day you may end up winning a neat sum. The game starts when players place their bets and there are several kinds of bets which you can opt for. Once bets are placed all the three dice are put in a cage and rolled and then rolled out. The numbers which come up decide the outcome of this game and depending on the kind of bet placed, players who have won are paid their winnings by the croupier.

There are various kinds of bets which can be placed in this game. The Small bet is the best kind of bet to place as casino advantage is just a small amount. You will be paid 1-1 on your bet if when the dice are rolled; the total score of all the three dice is in between 4-10. You lose only if you get three of a kind on rolling the dice. Bet on Big is another kind of bet where everything is similar to the earlier barring one change that the total of all the dice rolled should be in between 11-17. Bet on Double is another bet where you can place a bet that you will make a pair of the same numbers like getting a pair of 2’s or 5’s of the three dice rolled. Other bets include bet on 4, 5, 6 and so on till 17. When a person bets on 4 he wins if the total of all three dice is four. This game is very easy and you can play it at both land based and online casinos.

By Jeremy Lawler
Some casino games such as Poker require a strategy, whereas others like bingo depend on luck. There are a number of sites to play games such as poker, online bingo and roulette, etc.