The Professional Blackjack Table is one of the most commonly used Blackjack Table. The Professional Blackjack Table is the combination of classic elegance and modern functionality.

If you plan to buy a poker table for the entertainment room of your new club, the Professional Blackjack Table can be a good option to look at. This is the most popular style of poker table that is available in the market. This model with all its style and luxury is one of the most sought after casino poker table.

This table has an original casino layout with wool felts. The arm rests are padded to the maximum luxury of the players. So your customers are surely enjoying indulging in this luxury. In spite of all the style and luxury the Professional Blackjack Table is very convenient to maintain.

It is a big table at 6-1/2 feet wide. The weight of the table is 140 Lbs and the measurement of the able is 70*40h*38. The table is comfortable for players to sit comfortably and keep sipping on their vodka.

One of the biggest advantage of this table is its armrest that are easily removable so it is ideal for changing the felt whenever to plan to renovate your table. The table has heavy duty legs with oak wood finish. This is one of the larger tables and if you are looking at a small table, then this one is definitely not the one for you.

However, this table is ideally suited for clubs and even in your house if you are a poker connoisseur. In fact it can blend so well with any of your interiors that it’ll seem to be tailor made for your club.This table has a built-in chip tray which holds 500 chips.

It is surely one of the costlier tables available in the market. However, the price factor should not stop you from buying this table because it is one of the classiest products available in the market.

Let us check out the area where the table lacks. I find that this table does not have the cup holders which are one of the important components of a poker table. One of the reasons why it was not given could be because of the style factor. There is nothing to worry though because it is possible to get slide in cup holders which can be easily fixed to any poker table.

After a close review, I think the Professional Blackjack Table is one of the best options for any club. It can be rated high in all the areas like style, sturdiness, craftsmanship and other design features. So if you plan to buy a poker table for your club, this option is worth giving a serious thought.

This table deserves a very high ranking of 9 out of 10 because of the elegance and the quality. If you are considering a poker table for your club you can go ahead and safely buy this product. This table has received positive feedback from many owners.

So without much delay you can order the product and it will be delivered at your address at the earliest. So get ready to draw more crowds to your poker club.

By Brian Garvin
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