Poker had reached every players interest. Online casinos give way to accessible online poker while casino places across the world had given way to World series of Poker tournaments.

Opposing skills, strategic moves and techniques; this is your armor in winning each and every match. For the best book on poker ever written, you’ll surely find it incredibly cool with Al Alvarez, “The Biggest Game in Town”.

Alfred Alvarez is an English poet, poker player, theater critic, rock climber and a novelist under the name A. Alvarez and Al Alvarez. In 1983, he published, The Biggest Game in Town, an account of the 1981 World Series of Poker, won by Stuey Ungar. This is the first-ever description of the World Series of Poker and the people who played in it. Its also a portrait of the hustlers, madmen and geniuses who ruled the high-stakes game in America. Poker is highlighted in it as it appeal as a hobby, an addiction, and a way of life, and into the skewed psychology of master players and fearless gamblers.

Perhaps we already encounter poker books but its mainly about on how to play the game but what’s interesting with Al’s book is he wrote about the heart of poker. He sink his book into the people and their personalities regarding poker, in front and away from the poker table.

“Quite simply, poker taught me qualities I lacked – patience and cool-headedness – that steadied me when I most needed them”, Al quoted being a poker player.

Its indeed interesting how Al Alfred reflect poker in his life. “What was true of money in a card game was equally true of the feelings I had invested in my disastrous personal affairs”, said Al. Its about learning if the odds favor your playing regardless of what you had already contributed. And since numbers is more precise than words, reducing your problems to an odds on or against propositions provides more clear solutions.

If you are a poker player, come to think of it. “What is the reason why gamblers come to the casinos?”. Alvarez quoted that those who visit the casino “imagined that something wonderful might happen, something that could change their lives”. Its the fool secret behind, they resembled a child. They came in casinos as children with this kind of vision, since gambling is practiced largely by adults. ‘Adults’, in the sense that poker is pursuit by adults in the highest level, and those who cling to childish hopes are innocent and just end up losing their money. This only means that, winning poker requires the skill, the strategy and enough knowledge and control regarding the game and not simply by luck and wishful thinking of your dream money.

Al is known in the circles of “Poker writer”, though he has written about poker in only two of his 25 books. His other book, published in 2001 is entitled “Poker: Bets, Bluffs, and Bad Beats.” This book on the other hand, illustrated survey of the history and psychology of poker.

Al undeniably is an incredible writer, pointing significant things and ideas that in some way or another could help us realize the true essence of poker. serious poker in gambling is often taking risks. There is a skill in poker and the better player will keep winning in the long run.

With regards to his poker game, Al Alvarez name only one – 1995 Festival of Poker London – £14,400. He also played in World Series of Poker from 1984-1994 though we have little information about his winnings. Yes, we knew just few of his games yet his book remarkably show that he knows his poker game by heart.

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