Payout percentages are perhaps the most important factor that should be considered while playing online casino games. Casino payout percentages are inevitable in both land-based and online casino sites, the way they are calculated are also quite similar. However, online casinos have better payout in contrast to land based casinos. An online casino payout percentage simply represents the proportion of the overall money gambled and which have been paid out as winnings to players. For example, if the online casino payout percentage is 96.4%, then 96.4% of the overall money gambled is paid to winners, and remaining 3.6% of the total bet is retained by the casino itself. An online payout percentage in online casino is calculated as total bet, which in turn is divided by overall amount that has been won on the internet wagering hall during a particular period.

Although in most cases online casinos feature total payout percentage, there are certain sites as well as online casino games that fix specific payout rates for casino games such as video poker and slots. This in turn enables players to estimate their chances of winning as well as the fairness of a particular game they would like to play.

However, all of the online casino sites may not be reliable. Hence, it is highly important to review the payout percentage prior to playing an online game. Further, it is also important to check it later at some other dates in order to know how it changes over time. A reputable online casino usually carries a certificate of verification from third parties, that confirm their standing, authenticity, fair playing practices, and game payout percentages. This certificate is mostly listed on an online casino• s home page itself.

Majority of the online casino sites come with a verification certificate. But, it would be valid, only if it is issued by any of the top three casino playing sites such as the Online players Association (OPA), E-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (e-COGRA), and Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PWC.) All of these organizations perform independent checks on the percentages of the casino payouts. If an online casino possesses verification certificate issued by any of the three aforesaid bodies, a gamer can confidently play with this site, as they strictly follow the rules and regulations pertaining to the gaming practices as well as software programs, and above all, they are committed to provide fair gaming procedures with genuine Random Number Generators (RNG) and genuine game payout percentage rates.

Apart from checking the authenticity of the verification certificate, it is also important to check how much good is the payout percentage. Since percentage of casino payouts changes in regular interval, a player must regularly review the casino sites at least once in three or six months.

A genuine online casino game site regularly updates its verification certificate once in a month, and its percentages on payout rates would vary slightly per month. Above all, it is also highly vital from the part of players to keep abreast on a casino site’s verification and payout rate percentages.

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