Poker is a popular game played by people for a long time. There is no clear proof about the origin of poker but it is believed that this game originated in the east and spread to Asia, Europe and all over US through the Mississippi route. Poker is a card game and apart from cards you need to have poker chips to play this game.

During the earlier times clay chips were used to play the game of poker. The traditional clay chips though popular would break easily and so chips underwent a change. Now different types of chips are used and the material used to make these chips also varies a lot. Different types of chips used at casinos are clay chips, metal chips, plastic chips and composite chips. Composite chips contain both clay and metal and they give the genuine feel of the traditional clay chips at the same time providing durability.

Poker is a game of skill and anyone who wants to play this game should be able to keep a poker face and also have the ability to bluff easily. There are different versions of poker, the popular ones are Texas hold’em poker, Omaha hi, Omaha hi lo, seven card stud, seven card stud hi lo, Caribbean stud poker and Five card draw. All these games have varying rules and players need to be well aware about these rules to play the game of poker.

Poker which earlier was played only at land based casinos is now available even at online casinos. Online casinos offer the game of poker along with other games and poker fans do not have to visit land based casinos to play this game. Online casinos offer information and tips about this game and those who are unfamiliar to this game can get useful insights. The aim behind playing this game is to win the pot. You need to make the right moves and have proper strategies while playing poker. Those who can keep a poker face and not reveal their cards get an upper hand as their opponents get fooled about their hand.

By Hollie Wilcox
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