It is one of the world’s most favorite gambling games – portrayed in films and on TV – and usually draws a huge crowd. It’s also one of the most confusing for those who don’t know what it’s about. It’s called Craps, a game that evolved from one called Hazard (which, by the way, has two possible origins: one rumor suggest that the name is derived from the Arabic ‘al zar’ or ‘azzah’ and another states that the game was invented by English soldiers whilst whiling away the hours during a siege on the castle Hazarth or Asart, 1125 AD). Today it is one of those gambling games that accrue higher bets than almost any other casino game in the world.

But fair enough, history and statistics aside, the real purpose of this game, or any other form of gambling for that matter, is obviously to win. And especially in a day and age where technology has enabled the existence of online casinos, the amount of competition has grown exponentially along with the quantity of players that now try their luck in the online casino ‘rooms’.

So, in order to maximize your luck with
online casino (or even in real ones), we will supply you with a couple of tips that should help you along and maybe speed you on your way to the road of riches. Now before we start off, it is important to mention that if ever you are stuck in a game of Craps, it is always best to ask the dealer for help. This is applicable to real life casinos and online casinos and may prevent you losing a couple of those precious dollars.

Among the various most common tips supplied by both professionals and gambling websites, the following stands out among the most important: to ensure that you stay on the table, you have to have a playing strategy that combines pass & don’t pass as well as come & don’t come bets. And when placing these bets, it’s important to be able to back it up and the same counts for line bets.

Now, another very important thing to always keep in mind is to stay away from the middle. Those bets in the centre of the table usually have a high house advantage and could result in you parting with a bit of your money. But that is of course only if you lose. For those gamblers with lady luck on their side, it only needs to be said that placing the six or eight will get you your winnings in multiples of $6, probably the only worthwhile place bets on the table.

There are just a few final things that you should keep in mind whether playing at an online casino or a real one. They reflect more on courtesy and common sense than anything else, and will keep you out of trouble with fellow players and the dealer (as well as the bank). These include tips such as carefully examining the course of the game before you place your bets. Being impulsive might just empty your wallet faster than you think. Additionally, if luck is indeed on your side, having a sense of propriety and compassion with your fellow players will keep you a favorite on the table and will ensure that you have partners to play against in future games.

By charle chamblne
If you would like to know more about the tips and tricks in playing Craps at online casino, you can check out more information at the web. They can also tell you about other online casinos where you might have better luck in winning in their Craps table.