Poker is categorized as a card game which is popularly considered as ‘Game of chance’. In a poker game, the betting must be done at the beginning by each and every player. Then, the player who has the possibility to win the game will put money into the pot. This betting system has attracted many people towards the game of poker. In poker, the moves of the players and a certain amount of psychology usually determine the result of a game.

The history of poker and the origin of the word “Poker” are still the matter for a debate. The poker closely resembles to the German game Pochspiel that was used to play during 15th century. The Persian betting game, As Nas, is also considered to be the origin of the poker game. However, in 1990, it was revealed that this game was a version of the French game called Poque. The common belief is that the word “Poker” was taken from either the Irish Poca or the French Poque. Some people see the origin of poker combined with the game of Primero in Renaissance Era and the French game called Brelan. Since the modern poker game is played with cards, these above theories were rejected. The above earlier mentioned games were being played with other things but not cards. According to the latest the theory, this game was started in the early or mid-1700’s around Mississippi River Region. Then it spread to the entire region of America. In 19th century, the several developments in poker that took place paved the foundation for the commercial gambling.

In poker, there are various interesting types of games. Among them, more popular ones are Texas hold’em, Omaha High, Seven card stud, Five card draw and Caribbean stud poker. Omaha hi game has another version called Omaha hi lo. Like this, Seven card stud also has the version called Seven card stud hi lo. Five card draw is the oldest one in the history of poker game. The most popular type of poker game is the Texas hold’em. It is also considered as the best among the poker games. Now there is a new revolutionized version of the poker game gaining the popularity among gamblers; this version is online poker. Online poker can only be played over the internet. The increase in annual revenues have been observed after the introduction of this version. The advantages of an online poker game are many; in an online poker game, the speed of game is fast due to the automatic dealing, shuffling and counting chips. The major advantage of this online version is the play at multiple tables which is not possible in traditional poker. Thus the chance for winning the stakes increases. There are also teaching classes on how to play poker that are offered by some sites. A player can also try free money play. The limits of betting are lower too!

By stickystebee