In order to understand how to Beat Slot Machine, a player must first know the differences between the various slots that are available. As for playing the slot machine, all of them function in the same manner. The player inserts the corresponding coins and pulls the lever. This will make the reels rotate, and whatever symbol they may stop on, will either declare you a winner or a loser. Therefore, in order to know how to Beat Slot Machine, you need to know much more than discovering how easy it is to play.

Beat Slot Machine, basics
When you go to a casino, whether it be in real life, or online, it is a good idea to play two-coin slot machines instead of the three-coin machines. The reason for this is because your chances of knowing how to Beat Slot Machine is much higher. Many players believe that a three-coin slot machine is better, because the idea is that when you win your return will be much higher. Although, this is not entirely untrue, the fact of the matter is that when one wants to know how to Beat Slot Machine, they need to realize that when playing a three-coin machine they are paying out more money than they will ever get back. The only exception to this rule is if the three-coin machine is linked to a progressive jackpot.

Beat Slot Machine, read and learn
Another good idea if you want to know how to Beat Slot Machine is to find those machines which have a return of 97% or better. You can do this by carefully examining the various slot machines and reading about them. In addition it is a good plan to make a max bet and play with your maximum coins, as your return will be all the better.

Remember, if you want to know how to Beat Slot Machine, the trick is to find out about the machine before you play on it – Good luck.

By James Ford
James is a memeber of Gamblerslab writers.