Online casinos have seen a boom recently as people prefer to stay at home and gamble at their leisure. However, online casinos can never recreate successfully that real buzz that is felt when you gamble at a real life casino. One step to making this recreation possible is by playing live roulette online. Live roulette is played at home via a webcam and a computer. The player can interact with others and the dealer and this is definitely the closest you will get to a proper casino.

If you want to make a lot of money then live online roulette may not be the game for you. That is not to say you will not win, but because it is a game of chance rather than skill, you have to be lucky to win. However, you could always start playing live roulette online just for fun and then move onto the money games later on. You don’t need to bet big when playing live roulette online, look around and pick one of the tables offering limits you are happy with. You can keep your bets small enough that you won’t actually lose much money if the ball doesn’t rest where you have placed your bet. You have many options to betting on live online roulette, you can bet red or black or other combinations.

For those who are new to the game the odds of winning depend on where you place your bet. It doesn’t take long to figure out and the sites graphical interface more often than not displays the betting odds on the table as you make a bet. If you place your bet on one particular number, your odds decrease significantly. If you place your bet on a red or on an even, your chances are set at 1:1. There are two main types of roulette wheels and games around today, and they are the American roulette wheel and the European roulette wheel. The difference between one wheel and the other is very slight and very simple. The American roulette wheel has not only a 0 on the wheel, but also a 00. This decreases your chance of winning, so if you are in it for the money, your chances are much better on the European roulette wheel. Generally most sites give you the choice of both wheels.

Playing live roulette online is a great way to almost get that real casino excitement if you enjoy casino games. It is also good for those who like to play in private as the viewing is only one way.

By Andy Fullard
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