Roulette is one of the most exciting games in the online casino parlour. The roulette wheel has fascinated generations of people for centuries, and over the years, it has been the impetus for tremendous winnings for some players. There have been volumes written about the roulette wheel in land-based casinos, and the question has been addressed as to whether the wheel can be rigged. Historically, there has been evidence that there were devices that could affect the stoppage of the rolling ball, and that some wheels may have been mechanically faulty because of poor construction.

However, with the great technological advancements of the last twenty-five years, these issues are no longer a consideration. As the online casino industry began to emerge a little more than a dozen years ago, people chose their favourite online casino sites in order to play roulette online. They chose their sites based on personal recommendations from other players, as well as other factors, such as transparency and graphics.

While the play-for-pay roulette online casino sites are doing a bustling business, there is a new craze that has captured the fancy of online casino players throughout the world. Free casino sites have emerged that allow players to enjoy their preferred casino games purely for their recreational enjoyment. Additionally, these sites make things simple for the players because your free roulette play is in a no download format on most of these sites.

When you participate in free roulette play without downloads, you save the time it takes for software programs to download and you avoid the clutter and harm that downloading a new computer software program can bring to your computer. While your friends are waiting for their roulette software program to download, you can be playing 30-40 games of free roulette play.

The free roulette play sites require no registration; therefore, there is no danger of having your personal identity stolen. Of course, when you play roulette online on these free sites, you have no financial risk because you pay nothing for the service – you can play roulette as long as you like without risking any money!

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