The roulette wheel has always had a magical attraction for people from all walks of life. Back on the 1950’s, the casino town of Las Vegas began to blossom, and folks from all over the world journeyed to the States in order to experience the town’s mystical escapism. The 45 RPM vinyl record was in flower, and crooners such as Frank Sinatra, Nat “King” Cole and Perry Como dominated the radio airwaves.

The Roulette wheel was a major attraction for casino-goers in the 50’s. In the middle of the decade, female songstress Kay Starr hit the top of the music charts with her classic hit, “Wheel of Fortune,” dedicated to the affinity that people had at that time for the Roulette wheel that just kept “spinning, spinning, spinning.”

Today, with the advent of the Internet, you can play roulette online whenever you wish and wherever you can access an Internet connection. In today’s economic climate, many players have turned to free roulette play on free casino sites for their recreational entertainment. On free casino sites, you can participate in free roulette play for as long as you care to play, and there is never a financial charge to access the site.

The free casino sites are also available for your free roulette play in a no download format. What are the advantages to play roulette online in a no download format? First of all, you get to engage in free roulette play immediately upon accessing the casino. There are no undue and unnecessary delays to play roulette online while waiting for the roulette software to download onto your computer. In the time that you would wait for the actualization of the download, you can engage in as many as 50 games of free roulette play.

Additionally, you avoid ActiveX, adware and spyware attachments to your computer, or even a deadly virus, in some cases. You can safely play roulette online in a no download format, as it is compatible with both Mac and Linux systems, something that is not always the case with software download programs.

Play roulette online in a no download format, and enjoy your free roulette play.

By Dyna
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