Another bad day, another bankroll gone and another lesson learned. If like me you have experience your fair share of struggles on the poker table. Seen some fish swim away on the river with your hard-earned cash and generally felt dispirited by the game you may well have turned to some advice from those players that have already made a success of their poker.
Poker players have been reading poker books for as long as they have been printed to try and gain a better understanding of the game and to try and gain an advantage on their potential victims. Books like Harrington on Hold ’em and Doyle Brunson’s Super System have become bibles for generations of poker players. However, there has been a change of late as the latest stream of online players are placing as much faith if not more in the sheer volume of hands they play. Online players are now able to play in excess of a million hands a year online by multi-tabling on as many screens as their out of rakeback poker pocket can afford.
This shift has been well noted by the old-timer like Brunson, Negreanu and others in their own blogs as they state how difficult the newcomers are to play. There is now potentially more fear for some of these players in coming up against a table of young 20 something’s who have learnt their trade online than being drawn with players they have battled with for years. These online whizz kids have played millions of millions of hands and devised new methods to beating others and the system. Having read all the books they have found that these really aren’t encyclopaedic and there are alterations that can be made to reflect the zeitgeist of poker.
However, if you are going to struggle your way to the top there is no harm in having a bit of extra bankroll to help you along. I have just recently discovered rakeback and it has helped my struggles quite tangibly. I went to and after finding the site I play on signed up and now receive monthly deposits in my account from the rake I have contributed whilst playing. I think of it as my walking stick and with it in my hand I am back to climb another mountain.
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