Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh The Princess, born August 10, 1983 at Wilmington, Delaware is an American professional poker player who was introduced to poker by Robert Boyd. She created her nickname ‘Jennicide’ when she was 12 as an online alias. She used this nickname first on hackers bulletin boards where in she used to belong to a few hacking groups that time. Jennifer Leigh choose this name cause for her it sounds like dark and mysterious which is also close to her name. Who would have thought that this cute blonde poker girl hottie is a nerd, with knowledge of Linux and C programming. Jennifer Leigh also played video games like World of Warcraft with crazy amounts of dedication to the game and EverQuest extensively.

Jennifer`s love for online poker started after meeting Robert Boyd online at the Internet Relay Chat. Being thrilled and eager on her new hobby Jennifer Leigh started to read six books on poker in the course of one week and started to study the techniques in poker game in order to enhance and sharpen her skills on poker. Building up her game from playing $5 SNG online poker tournaments, Jennicide moved her game up at the age of 21 and started playing the highest stakes online at the 100/200 level.

Within one year of playing with her dedication on her online casino poker game she was ranked as the highest female in tournaments at the online poker sites she used to play with. In July 2005 she was invited by GSN to play Poker Royales’ Battle of the Ages line up with poker pros Dan Harrington, Barbara Enright and T.J. Cloutier. She was one of the of the under-30 poker players. Jennifer Leigh finished 5th overall in the Poker Royale tournament which was won by Dan Harrington. She placed 9th in the World Championship of Online Poker in September 2005 where she pocket in $10,000 in the $1,000.00 limit hold`em event. On the World Poker Tour 2006 Caribbean Poker Adventure she made a walk through and placed 42nd out of 724 players for $13,500. Jennifer Leigh has had two money finishes on the World Poker Tour and one finish in the money at the World Series of Poker. She recently appeared on Cardplayers “The Circuit” radio show and proved a worthy competitor in a battle of wits against Pokers notorious Mike “The Mouth” Matusow.

Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh is a dream woman for geeks inside and outside the poker world. This 24 year-old online hot poker beauty has become a mainstream celebrity when she posed in the 2007 edition of FHM Online. Jennicide also posed in the May 2008 Playboy where in she stripped down to her bare naked-ness for the shoot. In an interview from a popular gaming forum Jennicide said “You take your clothes off and you’re naked and in front of the camera. Playboy was actually very comfortable. I’m not really a shy girl, so it wasn’t hard for me.” She may look sweet and innocent, but this card shark lives up to her nickname-when the chips are down, the claws come out.

Jennifer loves to spend her time with her friends,family and her Maltese puppy “Icey” when she is not working. She do also excels at playing the piano, clarinet, and even softball. She also loves to do nightclubbing with the girls, working out and traveling around the world. With her colorful back stories of all the hot poker girls and most recognizable screen names online Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh put herself on the map of online poker world. You can read more about her website

By Morris Walker
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