At first, gambling is fun and exciting. But then, when the time comes that you’re losing everything you worked hard for, you’ll realize that gambling is definitely devastating. There’s a common scenario that usually happens in casinos. The first one is losing. Once you bet on slots or card games and lost, of course there’s a huge tendency that you’ll not bet for the second or the third time around. The other one is winning. Once he bet on card games and slots out there, he’ll often place his bet until he realizes that he’s losing a lot.

The example number two has something to do with pathological gambling. This illness is different from compulsive gambling and happens not only to gambling addicts but to all gamblers. The sad thing is that, there are only few who get out and recover from this illness. These are individuals who finally get the right recovery programs. The rest are now jailed or committed suicide. This illness destroyed many lives and continuously attacking in the present world.

Most pathological gamblers have problems regarding impulse control. This means, they have no limit in spending what they have until they realize that no on is left from their pockets. Once their resources are gone, this is only time when they’ll stop gambling. Governments of most countries haven’t doing anything to stop this illness. Instead, they’re the one who promotes gambling to the public. How could they stop gambling if they’re earning from taxes and revenues of casinos and other gambling establishments? And besides, these establishments are not regulated by law. Come to think of it.

Whether you are a pathological gambler, a son or a friend of a pathological gambler, you have to do something because you life is affected. As we all know, gambling is a common practice all over the world. Unfortunately, we’re not expecting that this common practice will become a worse destroyer of many lives. Who can tell that a son of an alcoholic will not become an alcoholic someday? No one can tell. People are so close to each other and it’s not impossible that the number of pathological gamblers will increase for the upcoming years.

As of now, there’s only a sing solution to resolve this problem and that is education. As parents or as educators, we have to expose the bad sides of gambling to our students. And as a citizen of a particular state, we have to come up with the main cause of gambling addiction. If we can’t eliminate pathological gamblers in the society, at least we can lessen its number. At the same time, we have to face the truth there gambling is not beneficial at all. If governments don’t do any move to eliminate gambling, we normal individuals have huge roles to play.

After all, consulting professionals is very important. Many gamblers have no idea that they have pathological problem or gambling addiction. No one can tell except for medical experts. Once you keep on playing games with money at stakes and don’t have the idea about such thing, you can go to the psychologist and consult your situation. There are also books and appropriate programs to get rid of gambling. Always bear in mind that gambling can be more fun as long as you know your limitation. If you don’t want to lose your money then, play gambling for fun and not for money!

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