Today online casinos offer their visitors the same variety of casino slot games as land casinos, but sometimes the assortment is even bigger. The first online slot machines appeared in 1994 and since then they’ve gained popularity and became one of the most appreciated online casino entertainments. One of the secrets of the popularity of the game is that it is totally luck dependant and you don’t have to think deliberately, like you do in poker. Playing slots does not require any special skills or knowledge and is the simplest way to try your luck and become rich if fortune smiles at you. Today there are more than 500 types of slots, most of them are in video version and these are called video slots. What are the main differences of the classic and video slots? Classic slots usually have lower bet rates and therefore lower gains while these slots are notable for simple graphics and sound. Although classic slots obviously have many shortcomings many players still prefer this type of games exactly due to its simplicity and convenience.

We can also conditionally divide slots into two categories: downloadable and flash slots. Downloadable games require downloading of software and further installation of the program on your computer. Once you’ve downloaded the program, install it on the hard disk of your computer or laptop. But if you don’t feel like playing for real money, you can simply enjoy a flash version of slots machines online. The birthplace of flash slots is the United States. This game has become very popular among people who prefer playing for the very hell of the game. However, if you want to become a real gambler, improve your skills and play professionally, you would certainly need the downloaded version installed.

Slot games online do not differ from the games in land casinos. When you play slot machines online, the information comes directly from computer to a machine, than to the random number generator and then returns back to the reels or on the screen where the results are displayed.

But what attracts people most in slot machines? Jackpot, of course. Jackpot is the largest amount of money paid by the slot machine, and it grows each time a player starts a new game. The amount of loss of the previous player is added to the total jackpot. Typically, slot machines suggest the size of the jackpot in monetary units, and you can win it, having received a combination of the largest payouts. The sum, by which jackpot is increased, is set by a particular casino. Sometimes hitting jackpot gives you a unique chance to win hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. But to hit jackpot you have to make as many bets as possible. And make sure that you have read all the information about the particular slot machines provided on the website before sitting down to play as every casino has its own rules.

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