Wondering what is best for you-online or offline roulette? There are people who enjoy the bright lights at casinos, booking a hotel room, have some good dinner, and other casino activities. But honestly this is quite expensive and you can’t be booking at a casino or hotel everyday to play roulette. If you are not so fond of the bright lights, dances and music at places like Los Vegas and Monte Carlo, Online Casino will be the best for you. Costs like food, bookings and other social needs are hard to avoid if you choose to play offline.

In fact there are now hosts of online casinos from which to play roulette and online roulette have become more popular as compared to its offline on site casino roulette counterpart. Playing online is quick, fun and just imitates the real life casino roulette experience. Below follow some advantages of playing online roulette as opposed to the offline real casino one.

You do not need to travel to a casino to play online roulette. Wherever you have internet access you have roulette access and can play anytime. You can play in your pyjamas, having tea or lunch or just doing whatever. This way it is cheaper to play online roulette

The odds of winning are higher with an online casino than at Monte Carlo or any hotel or offline casino. Are you wondering why? This is simply because the costs of running an online casino are much lower than those of running Vegas casinos. This means online casinos are better prepared to give higher payouts to their customers

There is a very high competition for customers on the online casinos such that they tend to give bonuses to try to get a competitive advantage on the market and lure more customers.

More importantly, casinos are social places and such places like Vegas and Monte Carlo tend to attract crowds of people, some just enjoying watching people play. These people can act as distracters if you want to concentrate on the game to find ways of improving your play to win. But, if playing online it’s just yourself and the computer and you tend to concentrate more increasing your chances of winning.

However if you like a more social play or you like the bright lights and have the money to meet the travel costs and other hotel related costs, no one needs to shun you going to Vegas and Monte Carlo.

By Andy Fullard
The author loves to play roulette free on the internet, please visit his website links for more about games and also to find out where you can play live roulette free games for real.